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Ah, the irony

According to Mashable (Google+ to Support Pseudonyms) Vic Gundotra has revealed that, “Google will eventually support other forms of identity.” And this on the same day that I gave up my primary email address for the last ten years.

My decision was prompted by a statement from Larry Page, that Google+ is an identity service, and using a real name is required. Do they coordinate at the top level at all?


Google profile deleted

I just had my Google profile deleted. I’m rather sad about that; I’ve been a fan of Google since I started to use computers in 1998. As a Linux user I was rather proud of supporting Google.

With Google plus, and their insistence on tieing all their services to a real name, I don’t want to support them anymore. I think it is evil to insist that everyone blogs and comment under their real name. A minority has the need of anonymity to protect themselves.

With the deletion I lost access to all Google services, so now I need replacements for a lot of things:

Please comment with suggestions for alternatives.