Google profile deleted

I just had my Google profile deleted. I’m rather sad about that; I’ve been a fan of Google since I started to use computers in 1998. As a Linux user I was rather proud of supporting Google.

With Google plus, and their insistence on tieing all their services to a real name, I don’t want to support them anymore. I think it is evil to insist that everyone blogs and comment under their real name. A minority has the need of anonymity to protect themselves.

With the deletion I lost access to all Google services, so now I need replacements for a lot of things:

Please comment with suggestions for alternatives.


One response to “Google profile deleted

  1. here are my preferences:
    contacts synchronisation: ownCloud
    social networking: Diaspora (, but will set up my own server in the future^^), sometimes
    feed reader: thunderbird on my desktop, RSSDemon on my phone
    maps: (it’s like Wikipedia, but maps!)
    calendar: ownCloud ;D
    youtube: vodo, vimeo; ok, seriously, I’m still using youtube often :-/
    bookmarks: my brain o.O yeah, there aren’t so many addresses to mind

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